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Impeach Ryan Walters!

Ryan Walters refuses to do the job he was elected to do, while Oklahoma’s students, parents and educators are suffering from his incompetence. Walters’ inability and ineptitude in managing and hiring staff means federal claims to local school districts are lagging behind placing districts in financial strain.  Most programs that Walters is entrusted with to help students and schools are woefully unable to perform their function. 

After spending five years working at the Department of Education under Superintendent Sandy Garrett and spending seven years on a local school board, I know all too well the important roll the Department of Education should play.  The agency under Walter’s mismanagement is in shambles and it will be difficult to rebuild in the best of circumstances.  

Ryan Walters is failing our kids! Since he can’t or won’t do the job he was elected to do, it’s time that the Oklahoma House leadership do the job they were elected to do and begin impeachment proceedings against Walters for dereliction of his duties. Our students, educators and communities can’t afford to wait two more years to get the Department of Education on track- the time to act is now!

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