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Mark Mann receives Endorsement from Teamsters Local 886 OKC

Mark Mann, candidate for Senate District 46 in Oklahoma City, has received a significant endorsement from Teamsters Local 886 OKC.

This endorsement highlights Mann's commitment to working families and his dedication to representing their interests in the state capital.

"Teamsters Local 886 is excited to endorse Mark Mann," said Tom Ritter, President of Teamsters Local 886 OKC. "Mark has a long history of standing up for working families and will ensure they have a voice in the state capital. No one is better prepared to go to work on day one for Senate District 46."

"I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of Teamsters Local 886", said Mark Mann. "The Teamsters have a strong track record of advocating for working families, and I am committed to fighting for their rights and well-being in the state Senate."

Mann's endorsement by Teamsters Local 886 adds to his growing list of supporters, including the Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers, the Oklahoma City Federation of Classified Employees, and the Oklahoma AFL-CIO. These endorsements reflect the broad-based support and trust that Mann has garnered throughout his campaign.

As the race for Senate District 46 heats up, Mark Mann's commitment to public service, education, and the well-being of working families continues to resonate with voters. With the endorsement of Teamsters Local 886, Mann's campaign gains further momentum as he strives to represent the interests of the community in the Oklahoma State Senate.


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